Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pin-Up Girl Eye

OKAY. I recorded a tutorial for this look, but it was 30 minutes long!!! :o( Obviously that is waaaaaaaaay too long for a tutorial on Youtube. The goal was 10 minutes. Yeah, waaaaaaaaay too long! Plus, I was having some logistical issues as well (mirror placement). SO, back to the drawing board! I figured I should go ahead and at least share the pictures of the look. I will try again with the tutorial soon! I promise!

Products Used:


- Mac Studio Tech (NC50)

-Mac Studio Fix (NC50)

-Milani Sunset Beach Mineral Blush

-Black Radiance Summer Shimmer Bronzer


-Mac Beiging Shade Stick

-Mac Vanilla Pigment

-Mac highlight color from 6 Warm Eyes Palette

-Loreal Deep Mocha Eyeshadow

-Black liquid eyeliner and black eyeshadow to set



-Mac Beaux Lipglass


babycoconut said...

That is too pretty!

JessiKay said...

Thanks, babycoconut! Gotta love that Vanilla pigment! :o)