Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black Radiance Cosmetics Haul!!

I just wanted to share my newest make-up purchases with you guys!!! I went to Wal-Mart today in search of a new blush, and ended up buying a bronzer and lipstick as well. I had been hearing great things about the Black Radiance cosmetic brand, so I decided to check them out. I am definitely pleased with what I bought today! AND best of all, all products came to a total of about $10!!!

The lipstick was my MOST favorite purchase out of the bunch. I think the name of it is Purple Passion (will edit if this is the wrong name). It is a beautiful bright pinkish color! It is definitely something that is out of the norm, and would require a lot of guts to pull it off! I was definitely nervous about wearing it out of the house, but liked it so much that I just had to wear it. I would recommend wearing a more neutral eye with this look - somewhat like a revamped pin-up girl look. This is the look I wore today:

The pictures don't really do this lipstick justice to me. It's much more vibrant in person. I'm also VERY impressed with the quality of the lipstick. It did a good job of staying put on my lips. I have been wearing it for almost 3 hours now, and it's still very pretty!

I'm also wearing the blush and bronzer in the pics. The blush is a nice pink color. It is VERY vibrant and pigmented. I actually added too much at first and had to dust a LOT of it off. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. The bronzer adds nice highlights wherever you dust it on your face. You may be able to notice it in the pic, where the flash caught it.

I ended up doing some research on how else I could wear this lipstick and found this pic. The lip color is similar to the lipstick that I just bought. I may try this look someday.

SO, let me know what you think! I definitely recommend that you check out what Black Radiance Cosmetics has to offer. They also sell eyeshadows, eye pencils, false lashes, foundation, pressed powder, etc.


Tiffer said...

I love that lipstick!! Girl you are going to have me spending money I don't have. lol.

JessiKay said...

LOL! It was only a little over $4 with tax at Wal-Mart! :o)