Saturday, January 31, 2009

Different Brushes and How To Use Them!

This entry will talk about the different brushes that I currently own, and how I use them. Keep in mind that I am not a professional, so my wording may not be accurate! LOL. But I have included the best pics that I could take so you would at least be able to see the type of brush that I am talking about. Also, a few of my brushes are double-ended, but the pics that I’ve taken will not illustrate that. I don’t know if it matters, but if you are trying to look for the same exact brushes that I have, it might. I will try to provide the most information that I know about each brush. Also wanted to point out that I do know that the brushes are dirty. It’s about that time to wash them again! ANYWAY, I hope that some of you will find this post helpful!!!

Mini Eyeshadow Brush (MAC 213 SE) - This brush actually came with the MAC Intriguing Warm Eyes 6 Color Palette. I think it's very cute, but I don't really use it because it is so short! I guess my hands are too big for it. LOL. Maybe I will try to use it more in the future.

Small Concealer Brush (MAC 194) - I don’t really use this brush anymore, because it is too small for the way I use my concealer. I guess it would be good to use if you had to apply concealer to a small area or a place that isn’t usually covered well with a larger brush.

Kabuki brush – This brush works great with applying powder all over your face. I have seem some people use this brush to also apply blush or bronzer.

Mascara brush (Revlon Professional) – I use this brush to groom my eyelashes or remove excess mascara from my eyelashes after application. It can also be used to apply mascara to your lashes, but I never use it for that, since the mascaras that I buy come with a wand.

Smudge brush – this is the brush that I use to smudge eyeliner along my upper and lower lash lines, as well as to apply concentrated color to my crease. I will generally use this brush before using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the color.

Small eyeliner brush (Mark) – This brush is marketed as an eyeliner brush, and that is mainly how I use it, particularly when I want to apply colored eyeshadow as an eyeliner. I have also used it to apply color to my crease before blending with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Small eyeshadow brush (Sonia Kashuk) – This is the brush that I use to apply eyeshadow or pigment on my eyelid. It’s a great brush to use because it allows you to pack color onto your lid. This is usually the first brush that I use when I start applying eyeshadow, because I generally start by applying color to my lid first.

Mini angle brush (Revlon Professional) – I use this brush to apply powder to my eyebrows. It can also be used to apply a highlight color under your eyebrows, as well as applying powder to line your lash line.

Angled eyeliner brush (essence of beauty) – I use this brush to apply eyeliner on my top and bottom lids. It works great with powder eyeshadow.

Concealer Brush (essence of beauty) - This is the brush that I use to apply my concealer. Self-explanatory, I guess. LOL. It's great for use under your eyes.

Foundation Brush (essence of beauty) - I LOVE this brush! It's one of my favorites. Before I found out about this brush I was using a sponge to apply my creamy/liquid foundations. Using this brush not only gives you a better make-up application, but it also saves you product in the long-run. The sponges that come with most foundations tend to soak up a lot of the product and cause you to run out faster. I would definitely recommend using some type of foundation brush to apply your foundations.

Large fluffy eyeshadow brush – I also will use this brush to blend eyeshadow in my crease. It is usually the last step in blending and kind of finishes the look. I also use this brush to apply glitter to my eyelid or crease.

Small fluffy eyeshadow brush – this is the brush that I use to blend eyeshadow in my crease area. I will often apply some color with the smudge brush or eyeliner brush directly to my crease and will then follow with the small fluffy eyeshadow brush in order to blend the color out. I also use this brush to blend color into the crease without using the smudge brush. It’s also great to apply color to my brow bone.

Blush brush (essence of beauty) – This is the more traditional blush brush. I use this brush for applying blush to my cheeks (in the way described below). I also use this brush to apply bronzer to brighten my face.

Contour brush (essence of beauty) – I use this brush to contour below my cheeks. I also use it to apply blush at an angle. Since I have round cheeks I do not tend to focus the blush on the apples of my cheeks, which would cause my cheeks to look bigger than they are, and make my face look rounder. So, I tend to use the contour brush to apply blush from the apples of my cheeks up my cheek bone. I hope that makes sense!

That is all for my current brush collection. I hope that you found this post to be helpful! Please post if you have any other questions regarding make-up brushes. You can see that I don't have that many brushes. I don't think that you need 100 make-up brushes to apply make-up well.
Also, I wanted to add that I am on the market for a digital camera so that I can do LIVE make-up tutorials!! The picture tutorials weren’t working for me. LOL. So, just keep on the lookout! I am so excited! When I start doing live tutorials you will be able to see exactly how I use these brushes, and it will all make even more sense!

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